Shipping discounts

Automatic discount

These types of discounts will get applied automatically to the chosen delivery option(s) when the conditions specified in the rule set are true.

Discount code

These types of discounts will get applied to the specified shipping option(s) when a customer enters the specific code at checkout and the required rule set, customer eligibility, and usage conditions are met.

Creating a shipping discount

Discount Configuration

We offer the following options to determine the amount of discount to apply to the specified delivery option(s).

  • Percentage - discounts qualifying delivery option(s) by the percentage specified
  • Free Shipping - applies 100% (free shipping) discount to qualifying delivery option(s)
  • Fixed amount off - reduces qualifying delivery option(s) price by the specified amount. If the specified amount is greater then the cost of the delivery option, it will be free.
  • Set fixed price - sets qualifying shipping option(s) to the specified fixed price. We calculate the difference between the original shipping option price and what you set it here to be and apply the discount for that amount. Will only apply if the original shipping option price is greater then the specified fixed price.

Supported Rules

Checkout blocks gives you the ability to create custom rule set conditions to specify the conditions for when a given shipping discount should apply. You can set it so that all rules must pass or any of the rules must pass in order for the discount to apply. We currently support the following rules, please submit a ticket if you require a specific rule not listed.

  • Shopify Market
  • Cart subtotal: Includes support for multi-currency.
  • Cart total: Includes support for multi-currency.
  • Cart total quantity: This is the total quantity of the cart, line items x quantity per line item
  • Cart has a selling plan: at least one item in the cart is/is not a selling plan
  • Company: Current customer is B2B and belongs to/does not belong to company
  • Customer has spent
  • Customer is B2B
  • Customer order count
  • Customer Tag
  • Product Type: At least one product in the cart is, is not, contains, does not contain given product type
  • Product Collection: At least one product in the cart is/is not in specified collection
  • Shipping Country
  • Shipping State (province)
  • Shipping Zip Code (postal code)
  • At least one SKU in cart

If no rules are present, for automatic discounts, the discount will apply to the specified shipping option(s) all the time. For code-based discounts the discount will apply as long as the customer eligibility and usage criteria is met.

Delivery Options

You can choose to apply the discount to all available delivery options or specify specific ones to apply the discount to. When selecting specific options, you can choose to apply to option(s) by:

  • Option title

If you are currently running a delivery option rename customization, the name specified here must match the name the delivery option is being changed to in order for it to apply.

  • Option price
  • Delivery type

Customer Eligibility and Usage (code-based discounts only)

Customer Eligibility

For code based discount only, you can specify to allow the discount for everyone or only for specific customer segments or customers.


For code based discounts only, you can specify how many times you want the code to be ran in total or per customer.

Both of these check are made before any rules specified above. If you have a specific customer segment, customer specific, or any usage based rules if the condition is not met, the discount will not apply regardless if the custom rules criteria is met.


Specify which discount type(s) should be allowed to combine with this discount. In order for it to combine with product or order level discounts you must set this current shipping discount function to combine as well as the corresponding order or product level discount to combine with shipping discounts.

Active Dates

Allows you to schedule shipping discounts.

You may only have 5 actively running automatic discounts at any given time


If you would like to import existing or old discount configurations either to the same store or another store, follow these steps:

  • Visit the discount you want to duplicate and click Action > Export.
  • Create a new discount
  • Click Import Discount
  • Add the file that was downloaded from the export